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As a society, there is a need to optimize resources including raw materials and energy. Economisch Afvalbeheer is a highly innovative company specialized in waste management, always seeking solutions that lead to a “circular environment”. Extensive knowledge of waste treatment methods allows us to offer solutions that answer to the concept of Cradle-to-Cradle: there is no waste.
We believe that sustainability and cost reduction do not necessarily exclude one another. Our solutions nearly always result in reduced costs of waste disposal. Be it through better waste management or waste separation, or simply by reduced service rates. Read more

Economisch Afvalbeheer is your ideal partner because

  • we offer the complete range from one container to complete waste management
  • your account manager knows everything: your rates, your orders, your invoicesl
  • our service is quick and reliable
  • we offer interesting rates
  • our network is throughout the Netherlands
  • we always pick up the phone, 24/7
  • you can look on-line into your waste history
  • we have no surcharges (which is unique!)